The Luv Me Buddies Dream

Luv Me Buddies
You can never have enough Buddies!
© Lavish Rights 2011


The Luv Me Buddies Dream

When a very unlucky girl…
…loses her balloon…where do you think it goes?

Well it floats up, up, and away

All the way to a magic cloud
Upon which sits a magic tree

…and as soon as the balloon comes to rest in the arms of the tree

The balloon turns into a Luv Me Buddy!

…where it patiently sits and waits, until one day, far, far below…

…another little girl spots a cute little puppy

…and that night, dreams that she had one of her very own

The magic tree hears her wish…
and gently shakes a Puppy Buddy free of it’s branches

To float gently down through the quiet night sky…

…through the sleeping girl’s window

…and onto her pillow

…all ready to be hugged and luved when our lucky little girl wakes up!


Luv Me Buddies